Theoretical Neurobiology of Cortical Circuits

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UP-DOWN cortical dynamics reflect state transitions in a bistable balanced network
Daniel Jercog, Alex Roxin, Peter Bartho, Artur Luczak, Albert Compte, Jaime de la Rocha
ELife In press, 2017
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Mean-field equations for neuronal networks with arbitrary degree distributions
Duane Q. Nykamp, Daniel Friedman, Sammy Shaker, Maxwell Shinn, Michael Vella, Albert Compte, and Alex Roxin
Physical Review E 95, 042323, 2017
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A Computational Model of Major Depression: the Role of Glutamate Dysfunction on Cingulo-Frontal Network Dynamics
Juan P. Ramirez-Mahaluf, Alex Roxin, Helen S. Mayberg, Albert Compte
Cerebral Cortex 27 (1): 660-679, 2017
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Subgenual anterior cingulate cortex controls sadness-induced modulations of cognitive and emotional network hubs
Juan P. Ramirez-Mahaluf, Joan Perramon, Begonya Otal, Pablo Villoslada, Albert Compte
Biorxiv Submitted, 2017
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Oscillations in the bistable regime of neuronal networks
Alex Roxin, Albert Compte
Physical Review E 94:012410, 2016
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Transitions between Multiband Oscillatory Patterns Characterize Memory-Guided Perceptual Decisions in Prefrontal Circuits
Klaus Wimmer, Marc Ramon, Tatiana Pasternak, Albert Compte
Journal of Neuroscience 36:489-505, 2016
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Sensory integration dynamics in a hierarchical network explains choice probabilities in cortical area MT
Klaus Wimmer, Albert Compte, Alex Roxin, Diogo Peixoto, Alfonso Renart, Jaime de la Rocha
Nature Communications 6:6177, 2015
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Neural circuit basis of visuo-spatial working memory precision: a computational and behavioral study
Rita Almeida, Joao Barbosa, Albert Compte
Journal of Neurophysiology 114:1806-1818, 2015
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Bump attractor dynamics in prefrontal cortex explains behavioral precision in spatial working memory
Klaus Wimmer, Duane Q Nykamp, Christos Constantinidis & Albert Compte
Nature Neuroscience 17:431-439, 2014
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Serotonin regulates performance nonmonotonically in a spatial working memory network
Maria Cano-Colino, Rita Almeida, David Gomez-Cabrero, Francesc Artigas, Albert Compte
Cerebral Cortex 24:2449-2463, 2014
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